Youths clean-up retreat centre.

Kauvula youths with the sisters after their clean-up activity at the Lighthoue Retreat centre last Saturday. Picture: ANA MADIGIBULI

The Lighthouse Retreat Centre in Nakasi, Nausori has always been a safe haven for many people.

Youths from Kauvula Place, Nakasi got together last Saturday to clean-up the retreat centre as a way of giving back to their community.

The centre has always been a place where these youths attend community awareness programs and camps.

Eighteen youths from the ages of three to 20 got together as early as 10am for their scheduled clean-up activity. The older youth members helped weed the centre’s garden, raked the compound and cleared all the rubbish while the younger members enjoyed picking up fallen leaves around the centre lawn.

After the clean-up, the children retired to a fun game of touch rugby at the centre.

Etueta Diani, 14, who lives in Kauvula Place said it was great to come together with his friends from the neighbourhood who were like his brothers and sisters to help clean up the retreat centre.

“With this activity, I have learnt of the importance of getting along with people living close to me and in caring for each other.

“It is really encouraging for us to learn about working together as a community,”

Sister Miria Taunaholo, who looks after the retreat centre, thanked the youths for their help.

“I thank you all for coming today and for cleaning up the compound, it means a lot to us,” Sister Miria said.

“It is a good thing you children are doing and I hope you will continue to do good activities in the future.

“Please, you all stay away from trouble and you older children look after your younger brothers and sisters and don’t bully them.”

The children were treated to lunch and light refreshments after their chores.

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