‘You have this one’ – Jerry Tuwai offers Gold Medal to Baber

Jerry Tuwai in action at the PacificAus Oceania 7s. Picture: SUPPLIED

Nothing could speak more about the humility of Fiji 7s captain Jerry Tuwai — Fiji’s only dual gold medallist — than the way he offered coach Gareth Baber his gold medal after their victorious 27-12 win over New Zealand at the Tokyo Olympics on Wednesday.

Baber turned down the generous offer and said “that’s the man he is”.

“I said ‘I’m not going to be taking that off you’ and he said ‘no, no I won one, you have this one’,” said Baber.

“He would never take the credit for what he has done and he has achieved. It’s a phenomenal feat to have done what he’s done.”

The diminutive player, who is best known as rugby 7s player of the decade, arrive today with the rest of the gallant warriors who helped Fiji create history at the games.

It has been almost six months since they saw their families. COVID-19 restrictions means there will be no huge crowds or fanfare this time around.

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