WOWS Kids Fiji host thanksgiving service

Mia Kami and Andrew Raqgeci sing woth the WOWS choir sings during the the WOWS church service this morning. Picture: JONA KONATACI

WOWS Kids Fiji hosted a thanksgiving service today to the mark the end of Childhood Cancer awareness month.

The service was held at the Pacific Tertiary Evangelistic Centre at Grantham Road in Suva.

Team leader Viola Lesi said this was an important day as they remembered the children who had lost their lives to this dreadful disease, a candle lighting ceremony was also conducted during the service.

“We also remember the lives of our children who have passed on, though their lives were short they made a very big impact on the lives of everyone,” she said.

Secretary of communications and overseas mission Rev Wilfred Regunamada conducted the service and reminded the parents although the journey was difficult, God would always be there for them and their families.

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