Worry over impact of $9.9m grant cut

Picture: SUPPLIED.

THE University of the South Pacific was not paid $9.9 million from Government as part of the 2018/2019 grant the institution was expecting.

The information is contained in the USP’s 2018 annual report review by the Standing Committee on Social Affairs that was tabled in Parliament on Thursday.

The committee said they “are concerned with the impact this may” have on USP’s plans.

“The committee notes that $9.9 million Government grant to the university for the 2018/2019 financial year was not received,” states the report.

The committee had sought clarifications from the USP and was told in writing “the university has been informed accordingly by the Government that this amount will not be paid”.

“We are also aware on the delays in the disbursement of Government grant to USP and are concerned with the impact this may have on the timely completion of planned programs and activities which in turn will affect students and staff,” states the committee.

USP informed the committee that Government had paid the first instalment of $12.8 million under the 2019/2020 grant.

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