Work hard, says Shorty

Nausori-based taxidriver, Shiu Chand, 73, says hard work is key to success. Picture: PAULINI CURUQARA

Nausori taxidriver Shiu Chand is calling on people to work hard and support their family and not to rely on anyone.

“Shorty” as he is known around Nausori Town has been driving for the past 21 years and this grandpa says he has no plans to retire any time soon.

The 73-year-old who resides in Kuku in Tailevu with his wife Manor Mar Chand, with four children, had to work hard to make ends meet and live a decent life.

“I started driving when I was 20 years of age and 53 years later I am still driving,” he said.

“I worked hard to pay for our children’s education. Back then it was hard because there was no free education and we had to pay from our own pockets.

“Having four kids, the struggle we went through as a family made us stronger.

“But no one complained, my kids have all grown up and living their lives supporting their own family. I have two kids living overseas and two here, all working.

“For me, I believe if I help people then God will help me.”

He has been a friendly driver and has been hired by families to pick and drop their children during school days.

When he started driving his first car was Holden brand and then he changed to a Falcon and now he uses a Toyota Hybrid.

“I keep up to date with the latest model of cars so with the money I get I change my car when I know it’s time to change.

“My last car was a Credenza.”

He says he doesn’t drink kava but has a few glasses of beer when he is done for the day.

“I really look after my health so I eat a lot of vegetables and fish.

“I have cut down smoking and I don’t drink when I am driving. Hard work is the key to success,” says the grandpa.

Mr Chand was a former Nausori Taxi union president for 20 years and now is still part of the committee.

He says taxi base is an issue that most taxidrivers are facing in Nausori and he is calling on the Nausori Town council to help them.

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