Women visibly lacking in maritime sector

Fijian women in the maritime industry during the World Maritime Day celebration in Suva. Picture: SUPPLIED/FACEBOOK

THE Maritime services serves a large sector of Fiji’s population, about 300,000 people.

Safety Authority of Fiji board member Anabel Ali said it was an integral part of Fiji’s lives.

She said it was interesting to note that 80 per cent of the world’s trade was carried by sea.

“With almost 30 per cent of our population living in the maritime islands, Fiji has to develop a strong, safe shipping service for greater accessibility which is an outreach to all our people,” she said.

“An efficient service will require further upskilling of the participants in that industry. The right type of academic qualifications is necessary and indeed required of the young men and women to work in this sector, thereby making maritime studies as a choice for careers for young people.

“To date we have 7690 Boat Master Licences and restricted Class 6 Engineer licences.” She said there were many players in the shipping services with most of them being male.

“Women are visibly lacking in this sector and this presents opportunities for them either as owners of shipping services or operators on the vessels and even as managers of various occupations in the industry. We need more women to come forward and put their hand up for this sector,” she said.

“We at the board of Fiji Maritime will keep the focus on this development and thereby promoting the enabling of improved service via a well-developed infrastructure for all maritime services.”

She added the world of maritime was indeed vital for transportation, communication and simply advancement for an economy providing business opportunities and employment to many.

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