WHO not endorsing boosters

World health organisation immunization director Kate O Brien. Picture: HEALTHY POLICY WATCH

The World Health Organisation (WHO) is not recommending boosters at this point because of lack of evidence, says WHO immunization director Kate O’Brien.

“There’s a lot of research going on, to be able to provide an evidence-based recommendation so we are not recommending boosters at this point because there isn’t enough information to provide an answer to the question,” she said.

She encouraged countries that have started recommending boosters to follow the evidence.

“We do know that there are some countries that have started to recommend boosters, we’re really encouraging all countries to follow the evidence, and to only proceed with a booster regimen, on the basis of evidence so we will continue to follow this super carefully.

“And so for people out there, we are not recommending boosters at this time and if boosters are recommended, they would likely be recommended for a constrained set of people, especially, perhaps people who are elderly or who are at highest risk of serious disease.

“We will also be looking at recommendations on a product by product basis, because not all the products are exactly the same so at this time, we do not recommend booster doses for any of the products.”

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