Weather watch: Hurricane warning cancelled for Vatoa and Ono-i-Lau

STC Harold caused extensive damage to homes in the village of Naqara, Ono in Kadavu. Picture: SUPPLIED

The hurricane warnings previously in force for Vatoa and Ono-i-Lau, and heavy rain warning for Fiji, have both been cancelled.

Also, the gale warning that was in force for the rest of central and southern Lau group is now cancelled for the rest of the Lau group.

However, the national weather forecasting centre in Nadi says a storm warning remains in force for Ono-i-Lau; and a strong wind warning remains in force for the rest of Fiji.

A damaging heavy swell warning also remains in force for central and southern Lau group, and is now cancelled for Yasayasa Moala.

The weather also says that heavy rain warning in force for the Fiji group has also been cancelled.

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