We need a jetty

Over-loading of passengers on vessels is often a big issue in Fiji. Picture: ANA MADIGIBULI

THE plea of the people of Nabukelevu-i-Ra on Kadavu to have a jetty was voiced in Parliament last week by one of their sons, Opposition MP Simione Rasova.

In moving his maiden speech, Mr Rasova said a jetty would assist villagers of Nabukelevu-i-Ra, Daku and Naceva.

“We need a jetty in Nabukelvu-i-Ra and at Daku, Naceva, Kadavu to ease the transportation costs and save travel time,” Mr Rasova said.

“These government developments are already in place by previous governments and need the attention and action by the present government.

“The sooner, the better.”

Lenora Qereqeretabua also of the Opposition has also urged government ministers to look at leveling the playing field especially for Fijians in maritime areas.

“Honourable Koroilavesau on Tuesday said his information was that transportation and shipping had never been better because of the franchise shipping system,” she said.

“I don’t know how many times the honourable Minister travels as an everyday citizen, because while that is true in terms of regularity for us islanders, I invite him to travel like I do, like my parents often do and like most of us islanders do – in vessels that are dangerously over-crowded, where passengers outnumber life-jackets, if you can find them and where there are no safety announcements.

“I invite all honourable ministers to attempt maritime travel like the majority of this country travels.”

Both these Opposition MPs are from Kadavu.

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