Waqanika raises concerns on Bill 17

Minister for Ministry for Transport Jone Usamate (left) with opposition member of parliament Tanya Waqanika during a parliament session break. Picture: RAMA/FT FILE

Removing consent with regards to mortgages and other legal instruments does remove red tape, but only for the benefit of the lessee and financier, not the landowner.

Opposition MP Tanya Waqanika made the comment in Parliament in relation to Government’s proposed amendment to the iTaukei Land Trust Act or Bill No.17.

“The legal concern that I see is when a lessee loans from a bank, uses their lease as collateral and then defaults on their payments,” she said.

“Will TLTB consent to transfer to the bank by virtue of a foreclosure, and who then is responsible for land arrears, if any?

“I do not see this being addressed in this Bill.”

Ms Waqanika said she read with amusement comments made by TLTB chief executive officer where he said the Solicitor-General’s office consulted with TLTB management on the Bill.

She said it brought back memories of when she was a Fiji TV executive and was summoned to Level 8 Suvavou House and was asked to sign a draft news release that the Fiji TV board and management supported the co-sharing of the IRB Sevens Series to which Fiji TV had exclusive rights to.

She said time would tell whether the TLTB chief executive officer wrote his statement in relation to consultation on the Bill.

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