VLY comeback into the music scene with a love song

Viliame Navoka AKA Vly. Picture: SUPPLIED

AFTER a three year break from composing and recording music, local artist Viliame Navoka AKA Vly is back with a newly released love song.

Known usually for his upbeat and groovy dance tracks, the bubbly singer says this song will show a different side of him to listeners.

“Its actually a sad song about a relative of mine who had his heart crushed after he found out his girlfriend was cheating on him. They lived overseas and unbeknown to him, his partner came to Fiji to marry someone else. Imagine if you call your partner and you find out on that day that she was getting married to someone else. That’s what happened to him.”

The song called ‘Dodomo Maumau’ is lyrically beautiful and sung in the itaukei language. It’s slow and has a sad vibe to it. Vly had co-written and produced it with fellow musician Lesa. It’s available on I-tunes and soundcloud.

Once famous for his music video ‘Amelia’, Vly says a new video on ‘Dodomo Maumau’ will be released soon.

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