Vanuatu MP claims signature forged

Signature comparisons provided to the Vanuatu Daily Post by a government MP who is accusing the opposition of forging his signature on a no confidence motion. December 2018 Photo: Vanuatu Daily Post

PORT VILA, 04 DECEMBER 2018 (VANUATU DAILY POST) – Vanuatu MP for Malo/Aore Constituency, Uri Warawara, alleges his signature was forged on three documents – Attestation, Motion of No Confidence in Prime Minister Charlot Salwai and the notice of the motion.

“I want the people of Vanuatu to know that my signature was forged,” he told Daily Post.

The Graon mo Jastis Pati (GJP) MP said he became aware that his signature was forged after the documents were served to the MPs Monday

“The Opposition bloc say I signed an Attestation, but the signatures on these documents are not mine.

“I don’t know whose signature it is, and I am not happy that someone went to the extent of forging my signature and putting it on my name on these three documents.

“I never signed an Attestation.

“In addition, all three signatures don’t look the same. I will be lodging a police complaint, this is serious and must be investigated.”

He added that no MP from the Opposition Bloc ever sat with him to discuss the contents of the Attestation and Motion.

The Opposition Bloc’s bid for legal redress on the Speaker’s decision to declare the motion as not in order was successful and parliament will debate the Motion today.

The Bloc deposited the motion with 30 signatures on November 22, however on November 25 the Leader of Opposition, Ishmael Kalsakau and Deputy Leader of Opposition, Fred Tasso wrote to the Speaker of Parliament, withdrawing the signatures of two MPs – MP Daniel Toara and Jack Wona – from the list of signatories to the said Notice and Motion.

In addition, while MP for Santo Rural, Edwin Macreveth wrote a letter to the Speaker on November 23, retracting his letter of withdrawal of signature on the motion for the calling of parliament, he has been sitting on the Government side throughout the ongoing Extraordinary Session debating government bills.

The people of Vanuatu will see the allegiance of the MPs when Parliament debates the motion today.

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