V5 wows crowd at 2022 FIPRA Music Awards

Members of the V5 musical group at the 2022 FIPRA Music Awards. Picture: RODNEY ACRAMAN

Young talented V5 comprising four teenage singers and songwriters wowed the crowd at the 2022 FIPRA Music Awards at the GPH in Suva last night.

The musical group was the winner of the inaugural 2022 Domo Vou Talei competition.

Lia and Jasmine Daunakamakama, and Sevu and Vika Tuisawau performed their winning ‘Mango tree’ – inspired by their childhood and memories of simply being a child in the Pacific.

The four are childhood friends who discovered their love for music in 2012 back in Vanuatu.

“We just love music and we did a lot of jam sessions together,” Vika said.

They have taken the Pacific by storm with their nostalgic song ‘Mango Tree’.

V5 officially began their musical journey in 2012.

When asked how their musical journey has been so far, Jasmine said: “We didn’t really see ourselves composing much till now, the (Domo Vou) competition really encouraged to continue doing just that.”

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