Usamate: Lynda spreading lies

Minister for Infrastructure and Meteorological Services and Minister for Lands and Mineral Resources, Jone Usamate. Picture: JONACANI LALAKOBAU/FILE

Minister for Infrastructure, Meteorological Services, Lands and Mineral Resources Jone Usamate says the information by Opposition MP Lynda Tabuya on social media about Bill 17 were “fearmongering and blatant lies”.

“Honourable Tabuya started off this misinformation about Bill No.17,” he said in Parliament.

“I listened to her original message on social media, and there are a number of issues she says.

“She says that the authority of TLTB to award leases has been removed – that is a lie.

“She also said that the lessee will decide the amount of lease to be paid, that is another blatant lie.

“She says that there will be a reduction in the amount of money that land owning units earn from the leasing of their land, that is also a lie.

“So all these hullabaloo have been based on statements that are lies.

“This is fearmongering and blatant lies. And we are seeing the impact of this by the vitriol that it has unleashed on social media, the ethnic slurs are being bandied around, all supported by the number of statements that have been made that are not factual.”

He said this was the same thing that happened before the 2014 and 2018 elections where they tried to scare the iTaukei population.

“Let us be honourable and let us speak truth at all times and be factual.

“If you say anything on the social media, think about it.

“Make sure that what you say is factual, think about its impact on Fiji,” he added.

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