Traffic lights now controlled manually: FRA

Traffic  lights will be replaced in the next few years . Picture: JONA KONATACI

Picture: FT FILE

TRAFFIC lights around the country are being controlled manually.

Fiji Roads Authority CEO Jonathan Moore said FRA staff altered the switch on various control boxes located near those lights on a regular basis.

“This is problematic as some traffic lights change in a short span of time and this is not monitored from our main office. This is just a case of trial and error,” Mr Moore said.

“The lights will be synchronised in a way that will allow drivers to stop at different locations when the traffic signals change and they will not be able to speed through the highway as seen in the past.”

He added if someone was entering an area with a speed limit, they would not go through continuously without stopping.

“People who speed will be stopped because the synchronising of the traffic signals will not allow them to pass through. This gives about 75 per cent of the green light to the route which has more vehicles passing.”

Mr Moore said the FRA was planning to invest in digitalising the system in the coming years.

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