Technology Employment Skills Training launched

Monfort Boys Town students with their engineering creations ready to be presented to Ms Akbar during the TEST week launch this morning. Picture SOPHIE RALULU

IN the wake of globalization, dynamic industrial needs and challenges of productive employment, it is important to empower  youths with opportunities of acquiring quality and innovative skills that will enable them to pursue productive employment and learning opportunities that are sustainable.

These were the words of Education Minister Rosy Akbar while launching the Technology Employment Skills Training (TEST) week at Monfort Boys Town in Lami this morning saying the event reaffirmed the ministry’s resolve on modern skilling of youths through education and training.

“Technical, Vocational, Education & Training (TVET) is an important tool to address youth unemployment and to empower young people to have decent and gainful employment,” she said.

“The Ministry recognizes how essential innovative skills are for empowering young professionals to be the best they can be, strengthening industry, and creating stronger societies. We aim to ensure that you, the youths and future generation, your parents, your teachers, employers in the industries, and our country as a whole recognize this just as much as we do.

“We have a firm belief that TVET systems need to keep abreast of the scientific and technological revolutions, new industries and market shifts.

“Our goal is not only to be responsive to the ever evolving economic environment, but to be capable of anticipating the future by preparing our students for future jobs as well.”

Ms Akbar said children need an empowerment tool to guide them and to take ownership of their future. Parents and teachers need to recognize children’s abilities, skills and talents and guide them to reach their fullest potential.

She also toured two stalls set up displaying handicrafts of students from 13 schools in the Suva area.

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