Taro, kava, eggplants, cassava top agriculture exports to NZ

Youths of the Bula Raraba project at their farm valued at $3.7 million in Naiyarabale within the district of Saqani in Cakaudrove. Fiji’s top agriculture exports to New Zealand in 2020 were taro, kava, other vegetables, eggplants and cassava which was highlighted during the webinar on Exporting to New Zealand. Picture: FILE

Fiji’s top agriculture exports to New Zealand in 2020 were taro, kava, other vegetables, eggplants and cassava.

This was highlighted during the webinar on Exporting to New Zealand by Carline Bentley who looks after the New Zealand market.

Investment Fiji in a statement had revealed it was part of the webinar which was hosted by the Fiji Consulate General and Trade Commission, Australia and New Zealand.

Ms Bentley was said to have given an overview on Investment Fiji’s role and services and how it worked with new and  established exporters in upskilling and promoting their products and services overseas.

She highlighted on the etrade expos, online exporter guide and trade development programs currently underway to market Fijian exporters and their products to overseas buyers.

“Fiji is New Zealand’s 19th largest trading partner and New Zealand is Fiji’s 3rd largest export destination of goods with 7.0 per cent of Fijian exports to New Zealand.

“Major Fijian exports to NZ are taro, medicaments, kava, cane molasses and garments,” stated the organisation.

The webinar was also said to be joined by speakers, Nacanieli Waqa from Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) in New Zealand and Nilesh Chand from Biosecurity Authority of Fiji.

They discussed the regulatory environment for Fijian businesses looking to export agriculture products to New Zealand.

Key discussions were held on the challenges to consider before entering the NZ market and how each agency could assist the business to access new market opportunities which were presented.

Investment Fiji stated without their key mandate on export promotion, investment matching and investment facilitation, it was ready to assist exporters to connect with global buyers and distributors.

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