Tabuya queries leadership

Opposition member of parliament government whip Lynda Tabuya (left) with Simione Rasova during a parliament break. Picture: RAMA/FILE

THE Social Democratic Liberal Party (SODELPA)cannot win the 2022 General Election with the way its leaders are making decisions and mistreating constituents. This was the word from outspoken party member and parliamentarian Lynda Tabuya.

She said the party was fraught with questionable decision-making and leadership issues, and called on SODELPA supporters to “replace them all if they don’t come up to par”.

“I’m going to try my best but at some point in time if they don’t come up to par, you know, for me it’s either replace the leadership or we have to look at our options,” she said.

Ms Tabuya also said she would not be surprised if members of the party left. “I think for anyone that is in there that is considering leaving, I’m not surprised.

“I’m not surprised that Kadavu has threatened to pull out of SODELPA, so it’s not even coming from me. It’s coming from the constituencies who are threatening to leave SODELPA because of the way they’re treating them.”

Despite the issues within the party, Ms Tabuya said she would not leave SODELPA and would ensure the party leadership was held accountable for the decisions that had been made.

“I’m not considering leaving at this stage, I want to hold my party accountable because I’ve been in SODELPA now for almost three years.

“We won our seats in Parliament with this party and there are good people in SODELPA who really genuinely believe in the cause.

“But, you know, for the current leadership, I just don’t see with the way that they’re making decisions – to win the elections in 2022.”

Ms Tabuya said elections were about gaining the confidence of people.

“For me, elections is about the people, it’s a numbers game.

“If we are losing our voter base, then you know, to me it’s a reflection on the leadership.”

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