Stop badmouthing party – Gavoka

Opposition members Viliame Gavoka (left) and Lynda Tabuya having a light moment during a parliament sitting. Picture: RAMA/FILE

SOCIAL Democratic Liberal Party (SODELPA) leader Viliame Gavoka is calling on party member Lynda Tabuya to stop “badmouthing” the party publicly.

He made the comments after Ms Tabuya said SODELPA was not ready for next year’s general election.

Mr Gavoka said it was sad for a seasoned politician such as Ms Tabuya to be questioning the integrity of the party leadership.

He said there were other avenues Ms Tabuya could follow to deal with the issues she had regarding the constituencies.

“It is sad that honourable Tabuya is pointing fingers at the people in Suva because we have given them all the support that they need, and like I said, they have fallen short but we are doing all we can to rectify that,” he said.

“Honourable Tabuya is a seasoned politician and I am just amazed that she allows herself to say things like that, questioning the integrity of the party leadership.

“It’s not the way to do things, you don’t bad mouth your party publicly the way she is doing it.”

Mr Gavoka said the party was disappointed with what Ms Tabuya was doing.

“We are very disappointed in the way she is painting the party. This is not the way you do it.”

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