Station releases new dalo variety

Agriculture minister Mahendra Reddy (far right) unveils the New Taro leaf Blight Tolerant Variety while permanent secretary Ritesh Dass and Shalendra Prasad (director Research) look on, at Koronivia Research Station in Nausori, on Wed 14 Apr 2021. Picture: ELIKI NUKUTABU

A NEW taro leaf blight tolerant variety was released at the Koronivia Research Station on Wednesday.

Minister for Agriculture, Waterways and Environment Mahendra Reddy said the new variety would contribute towards the growth of the dalo industry.

“The dalo industry itself is valued around $100 million, just the industry and its contribution to the ports is around $27 million per annum,” he said.

He said dalo was a very important crop to Fiji.

“We need to continuously look at how we can bring in new varieties so that we are one step ahead of any pest and disease.”

He said the new variety of dalo was high yielding, early maturing, had good shape, size and was a fast cooking variety.

He said releasing a breed of livestock and a variety of crop was a very expensive exercise.

“Development of breeds in livestock, development of crop varieties don’t come easy, it’s an expensive exercise, it requires skilled people, technical skills.”

Senior Research Officer Savenaca Cuquma said it took six years for the team to conduct researches and release the variety.

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