State yet to locate convict’s watch

Mohammed Raheesh Isoof (left) with his lawyer Iqbal Khan at the Lautoka High Court. Picture: REINAL CHAND

The state is yet to locate a Seiko watch belonging to convicted murderer Mohammed Raheesh Isoof, the High Court in Lautoka heard yesterday.

Justice Riyaz Hamza presided over the matter where he made known to the accused that the watch, an apple iPad and a mobile phone would be released to him.

However, $5600 cash and other personal belongings have been held by the court because Isoof had filed an appeal after his sentencing.

State prosecutor Prenika Lata informed Judge Hamza that they would follow up again with the Namaka Police Station on the location of the watch as the items were seized by crime scene investigators from Lautoka but were all kept in Namaka.

Isoof filed an application to have personal items confiscated by police in 2019 returned to him.

Judge Hamza also queried why Lautoka police had to be involved and Ms Lata stated that a lot of police officers were involved in this matter when it happened three years ago.

The court earlier handed Isoof a life sentence for the murder of a family of five.

He must serve a minimum of 20 years before a pardon can be considered. His appeal matter is also before the Suva’s Court of Appeal.

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