Special court sitting for three escapees; Man appears for harbouring prisoner

Maika Tovagone seals his face with documents in his hand from the camera during the special court sitting today - Saturday, December 1, 2018. Picture: JONA KONATACI

A SUSPECT along with the three escapees who were arrested yesterday appeared in a special court sitting at the Suva Magistrates Court today.

The suspect was found have been harbouring the fourth escapee.

They appeared before Magistrate Waleen George.

The suspects are 23-year-old Emosi Baledrokadroka, 22-year-old Maika Tovagone, 19-year-old Jonacani Qalova and harbourer, 27-year-old Ledua Tikotani have each been each charged with two counts of aggravated robbery and theft.

The four are alleged to have robbed a businessman at his home in Tacirua, Nasinu, on Wednesday morning at around 1am and stole assorted items worth $2000.

Tikotani requested the magistrate for medical attention claiming he was assaulted by Police and sustained injuries during his time of arrest yesterday.

Magistrate Waleen had rejected his request saying that he could seek medical attention from the doctor present at the Suva Remand Centre.

The four will reappear at the Nasinu Magistrates court December 14, 2018.

The three escapees have also been charged with one count of escaping from lawful custody, while Tikotani has also been charged with one count of harbouring a prisoner.

For this, Magistrate Waleen has ordered them to reappear at the Suva Magistrates court December 13.

The fourth escapee Suliano Rokosuka who was arrested earlier was produced in the Suva Magistrates Court yesterday and has been remanded.

The search continues for Niko Talemaitoga.

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