Snakes in the market

Todd Geer holds up two Pacific boa snakes on display during the ROC Market in Suva on Sunday, November 21, 2021. Picture: JONACANI LALAKOBAU

The ROC Market is renowned for the wide range of food and assorted items on sale, but it was the snake wrangler Todd Geer who caused quite a stir.

“I come and show these snakes to the kids and adults, let them touch or hold the snakes and take their pictures.

It’s an experience to see their reactions,” he said.

The Pacific Harbour resident said this was his second ROC Market event and people were always eager to get a snap with the reptiles, which are non-venomous and native to Fiji.

“Usually, I attract a lot of people who have never seen or held a snake in their lives and this is their opportunity to get up close and personal.”

Meanwhile, there was a huge turnout at the event which was held along Gladstone Rd and Carnarvon St in Suva yesterday.

Co-coordinator, Inoke Kalounisiga said, this month’s event attracted more than 100 vendors.

“The demand from stall owners continues to grow to the extent that we are now considering using more streets to cater to the public demands,” he said.

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