Sixteen Fijians among hundreds removed from mosque in India

Police logo: Picture: FILE

SIXTEEN Fijian nationals — three from Rakiraki and 13 from Labasa — were among hundreds who were removed from a mosque in New Delhi and are now kept in isolation.

Police had to close the Nizamuddin mosque after at least six regions reported COVID-19 cases that could be directly traced to the days-long congregation at the mosque.

More than 1000 people were stranded at the building after the government imposed a lockdown last week.

One of those in isolation is Rakiraki resident Ziyad Ali. His father, Hazrat Ali, said he was concerned about the wellbeing of his son.

“They were scheduled to fl y out on March 22 but were informed at New Delhi airport that the fl ight was cancelled,” said Mr Ali.

“I then advised them to go the Nizamuddin mosque because we know that mosque and knew they weren’t going to face any problems there.”

Mr Ali said he arranged for a flight for his son to return on March 29 but Fiji had ceased all flights by then.

“I have spoken to my son and he said they are being kept in isolation in a building after they were removed from the Nizamuddin mosque.

“As a parent I am concerned but can’t do anything until the lockdown in India ends and then we can see how we can bring them home.”

Foreign Affairs acting permanent secretary Yogesh Karan said he was aware of the situation.

“With the lockdown there we are trying to get to them and get an update on their status.”

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