Simpson: Anti-Fijian to be corrupt

The anti-bribery badges. Picture: FACEBOOK/LTA

Land Transport Authority CEO Samuel Simpson says it is anti-Fijian to be corrupt or to participate in corrupt practices.

He made the remark at the ‘I don’t accept bribes’ campaign training conducted at the LTA headquarters in Suva earlier this week.

He said as always, the institution had a zero-tolerance stance against corruption and as such, recognised the importance of not just warning the public against bribery but ensuring their own officers did not engage in such acts.

“We have many great officers that conduct themselves with honesty and transparency. However, in order to keep LTA 100 per cent corruption-free, we must ensure that if there are any officers that accept bribes, they are found out and taken to task,” Mr Simpson said in a statement.

He said the effects of bribery were not to be taken lightly because it could have consequences that people involved in such acts may not have considered.

“When you offer or accept a bribe, you are illegally and unethically bypassing mechanisms that were put in place to ensure certain standards are met. For example, let’s say you bribe someone to pass your vehicle – if there are underlying issues that were not addressed, such as brake failure, you could cost lives when you take that vehicle out on the road.”

Mr Simpson also urged the public to immediately report any cases they see.

“If you know of any corrupt practices being perpetrated by persons who are employed by LTA, it is your duty to report those matters – we fully encourage you and share your desire to make sure that LTA is free of such elements.”

The first anti-bribery session with LTA was attended by senior staff who received their ‘I don’t accept bribes’ badges after the training.

It will continue around the country with all of LTA expected to undergo this training within the next two weeks.

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