Shortage of women in Lau islands, says MP Jale

Opposition MP Anare Jale in Parliament. Picture: SUPPLIED/PARLIAMENT NEWS

THERE are shortages of women in the islands in the Lau Group.

Opposition Member of Parliament Anare Jale made this remark in Parliament last week as he stated the root courses of urban drifts while moving his motion on a petition by the people of Lau for the provision of reliable, safe and affordable shipping service.

Mr Jale attributed the lack of women to the urban drift, caused by the lack of economic opportunities and communication, among others.

“Our young boys would look after our yavutu, leave home to come to Suva to look for a partner or partners and wives,” Mr Jale said.

“Some of our boys take less time to find receptive partners, some would take longer, some found partners who are reluctant to relocate to Lau because of isolation, scare of sea travel and lack of our economic activity,” he added.

Mr Jale said the Government had to find answers to those problems because it was a matter of survival for the Lau community.

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