Sewing a future – Marama a driving force in her family

Ravaela Marama Cakaubuli works from home at Kanace Rd, Valelevu. Picture: SUPPLIED

Her hands and skills as a tailor have earned a livelihood for her and her family – a mother of four, who once was a promising applicant to join the British Army.

Plans to enlist into the British Army suddenly changed for Ravaela Marama Cakaubuli, who found the love of her life and decided to stay instead.

The former Saint John College student completed Form 6 before she married.

At the time, she had all her paperwork compiled and was mentally preparing herself to say goodbye to her family to join the army.

“I cancelled all those plans when I met my husband, and together we have four children. I told my husband to buy me a sewing machine to start a little business at home and things just picked up from there. I started patching torn pants and shirts from home and eventually moved into sewing pillow cases and curtains. Orders came through to my mum, who too was the driving force behind my little business to improve my skills,” said Ms Caukabuli.

“It was all free of charge at the time. My mum would normally call and ask to sew pillows and blankets for others. In 2015 when my dad got sick and he encouraged me to start my own tailor business. And first I wasn’t ready, I was more of a shy kind of person, but my husband was very helpful. He is a marine engineer.

Ms Caukabuli said business was going well and she approached her husband to resign from work to help her in their new family business.

“He finally did and we have never looked back. I cater for orders locally and overseas for men, women and children.”

Mrs Cakaubuli says she specialises in sewing dresses, shirts, pants, assorted pillow cases and pillows, mosquito nets, comforters in assorted colours and designs etc.

“My business began operation in 2017. I operate from my home in Kanace Rd, Valelevu. We’re planning to buy a piece of land and build our retail outlet to expand our business when the time is right.

“My advice to potential business people is to run a business from the heart and be creativity.”

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