Serukalou raises $6000-plus for WOWS

A shaven Vela Serukalou (with garland) with staff of UNDP in Suva. Picture: ELIKI NUKUTABU

VELA-Bale Serukalou today shaved her hair to show her support towards the children who are battling cancer.

Ms Serukalou is a programme associate with the United Nations Development Programme’s resilience and sustainable development unit.

WOWS Kids Fiji co-founder Sina Kami thanked Ms Serukalou for her efforts in raising awareness for children who suffer from cancer.

“The donations that were raised was among the staff and all the agencies. She managed to raise $6000-plus all from the fundraising from all the UN Agencies so Vela stepped up to take part in this initiative,” she said.

Ms Serukalou said this was the least should could do to show her support and rally behind WOWS Kids Fiji.


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