Samisoni & Unaisi – Our love is here to stay

I have found the one whom my soul loves - Mr & Mrs Tamanitoakula. Picture: ATU RASEA

THE iTaukei relationship between traditional rivals known as tauvu also reflects the deep respect that the indigenous community has for one another.

And these traditional connections are never taken for granted by the iTaukei people.

While many often use it playfully, it also signifies a unique bond between two peoples.

And this bond turned traditional ‘rival’ into lifetime partners when Unaisi Bula was introduced to Samisoni Tamaniyabo Waqamaivavalagi Tamanitoakula through a best friend 18 years ago.

It was through this introduction that the then two secondary school students discovered their link – Unaisi hailed from Somosomo, Gau while Samisoni was from Naduri, Macuata – the two areas shared strong traditional tauvu bonds.

On August 10, their friendship was cemented into a life-long commitment when they tied the knot and exchanged vows in front of close family members, relatives and friends at the Raiwaqa Methodist Church in Suva.

“I met Sami through my best friend. It’s a long way back; I have forgotten what I had told Sami on our first meet. But what I would remember is him taking me to Colo-I-Suva for a swim on a school day…(step school)…. best memories were made,” Una, a professional chef said.

“He was shy, not so very talkative. I thought he was just minding his way. I also thought he was cute.

“Our favourite memories would be ditching school to enjoy some nice dip in the Colo I Suva waters, but we also like finding ourselves among family and friends over a tanoa chilling and just reminiscing life together.”

The young couple learnt a lot in life during that more than a decade of friendship.

They both have encountered challenges and sailing through life’s unchartered waters but they have never given up because they believed they were a perfect match made in heaven.

Their wedding day was basically the beginning of many more good things to happen for the Suva couple where they have both made a life promise to always stand by each other through the test of time and life challenges.

The wedding was officiated by Rev Sekaia Ratumudu and had relatives coming all the way Macuata, Bua and Gau. And a total of 250 guests in attendance.

To the bride, the most special part of the wedding was at the reception when she danced with two of the most handsome and amazing men in her life – Sami, her new husband and her father.

“I felt like everyone was watching and I was emotional, I have never danced so beautifully that day.”

The groom, however, found the vows exchanged and the Holy Communion as the most special part of the day especially being the new head of a young family.

The service was followed by the usual merry-making and the traditional tevutevu, which is usually carried out to prepare the son and daughter of a family for marriage.

The reception followed with bright day theme which the couple chose themselves as purple and gold, a representation of the schools they both attended – Suva Grammar School and Dudley High School.

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