Roadside meat warning

MEMBERS of the public have been advised not to buy any form of animal meat for human consumption from roadside vendors.

Ministry of Agriculture acting director animal health and production Avinesh Dayal said it was important to buy meat from registered abattoirs.

He said under the Fiji Meat Act, only meat from animals slaughtered at registered abattoirs and slaughterhouses could be sold for human consumption.

He said these registered abattoirs and slaughterhouses had proper facilities.

Mr Dayal said under the same Act, meat was only allowed to be sold from premises registered to sell such food items.

“Do not buy any form of animal meat for human consumption from any roadside vendor as it is illegal,” he said.

“Both these practices are prohibited under the Fiji Meat Act, and subject to prosecution and fines.”

Mr Dayal said it was important to have meat inspectors present to ensure that meat derived from such animals were safe for human consumption.

“We have our meat inspectors who usually carry out meat surveillance and anyone found selling meat illegally, the meat will be confiscated,” he said.

Mr Dayal recommended for members of the public having functions where animals are slaughtered for traditional purposes, including feasting, to request the Ministry of Agriculture to have its officials inspect the animals slaughtered or purchase carcasses of slaughtered animal directly from registered abattoirs.

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