Rice farm sits on land earmarked for college

Opposition MP Salote Radrodro while responding to the President's address on the opening of Parliament. Picture: SUPPLIED

GRACE Road has established a rice farm on a piece of land in Navua that was earmarked for the construction of a new agricultural college, Opposition MP Salote Radrodro claimed in Parliament yesterday.

She said this information was revealed when the Parliament Social Affairs Committee was scrutinising a Fiji National University annual report.

“It was revealed that the land where the Navua Rice farm is sitting was land earmarked for the construction of the new Koronivia agricultural college,” Mrs Radrodro said.

“But instead, this Government gave that land to Grace Road on lease arrangement which I believe is for about 50 years.

“And from rice farm, Grace Road has extended their business dealings to food, furniture, and even dentistry in Fiji, and even been granted Government, commercial and residential and group projects. People, she said, continued to ask how a cult group like Grace Road conducted business in Fiji under the guise of church and Christianity with its leader jailed in Korea for human rights abuse.

“This side of the House had moved that an investigation be done with Grace Road but the Government shot it down.

“And we see on social media pictures of his excellency President and the PM all smiles with the Grace Road leader who is being imprisoned in Korea.

“So what is happening Hon PM, A-G and Minister for Economy and all of your government members?

“People are angry and concerned and looking for answers especially with the recent Al Jazeera report on ‘Escaping Korea’s Pacific Cult’.”

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