Reddy outlines plans

Minister for Agriculture Mahendra Reddy was officially welcomed by the staff of the ministry at its headquarters in Raiwaqa. Picture: MINISTRY OF AGRICULTURE/Facebook

NEWLY appointed Minister for Agriculture Dr Mahendra Reddy is prepared for the challenges in his ministry. Staff members of the ministry took time out of their busy schedules yesterday to meet and welcome their new minister who takes over from Inia Seruiratu.

“I am looking at things from a positive perspective here at the MOA and I want to thank my predecessor for his excellent contribution,” Dr Reddy said.




Newly appointed Minister for Agriculture Dr Mahendra Reddy with his staff after their welcoming ceremony yesterday. Picture: JOVESA NAISUA


“Anyone new that comes in will come with new ideas but there is already enough collective wisdom with a talented and educated staff holding a PhD, Masters and Bachelors degree in different areas.” Dr Reddy said the agriculture ministry was not a small one as it was a massive industry which was equivalent to the education ministry — one of the largest ministries.

“Budget resource in this ministry is very large but there is a lot of room for expansion and improvement of service delivery and programs to deal with some of the gaps. I do not want to talk about these gaps now but we will know of it as we go along.

“From now until after new year, there will be announcements of some major programs. At the moment everything is still on hold as we work on overseeing how these programs will benefit us.” Dr Reddy said he looked forward to the challenges ahead and was quite excited about his ministry.



Minister for Agriculture Dr Mahendra Reddy (right) speaking to the permanent secretary David Kolitagane after their welcoming ceremony in Suva yesterday. Picture: JOVESA NAISUA


“It is time for me to also deliver to the people and I have no choice but to do just that — deliver. There are a lot of expectations on us and all I ask is to give us time as I work with the same team who have been here longer than I have.

“With my team of staff, I am sure we can deliver the expectations that people expect from our ministry. It is not only the farmers, there are other people too who expect us to improve our service delivery, expansion of the agriculture sector and improving productivity and efficiency.”

He has a Master of Science degree and PhD in Agriculture and Resource Economics from the University of Hawaii.


Minister of Agriculture Dr Mahendra Reddy meeting some of the staff of the ministry Sikeli Dovarua and Osea Ratuyawa after their welcoming ceremony yesterday. Picture: JOVESA NAISUA

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