Realignment of staff at FSC head office

Fiji Sugar Corporation CEO Graham Clark respond to queries raised by farmers during a Sugar Policy Consultation in Nawai Nadi. Picture: REINAL CHAND/FILE

FIJI Sugar Corporation CEO Graham Clark has informed his staff of a “realignment” at the head-office.

The announcement in an email correspondence formalizes the redundancy of the General Manager Corporate Services, Head of Strategic Communications, Fleet Manager and the Sales Manager.

“These changes are implemented to ensure the corporation continues to provide top-tier service to our industry,” wrote Mr Clark in the email.

Corporate and communications will now be handled by his office while the the company fleet will be managed by the chief financial officer, Manoj Ram.

Sugar sales will be overseen by head of business integration, Sachin Deo.

Mr Clark stated the changes would also “increase efficiencies across the organization.”

“The proposed changes help to better position our talented team to meet the operational needs of the company.”

FSC staff were also reminded that only the chairman and the CEO were allowed to engage with the media and stakeholders.

In response to queries Mr Clark said, “All I can confirm and to give them the dignity they deserve, is that today was their last day at FSC and they were wished farewell by their work colleagues.”

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