Ratusaki’s song nominated for award

Singer, songwriter and composer William Ratusaki was nominated for the FPRA Music Awards Best English Song this year. Picture: RAMA

WILLIAM Ratusaki’s first ever original song Viti, You’ve Got Me Thinking is nominated for Best English Song at the 2019 FPRA Music Awards presented by Goodman Fielder.

The Lautoka lad said it was a song dedicated to young people facing barriers in life, particularly discrimination or labels placed on youth in society today.

“I didn’t have the intention of recording it at first and it was something I did for fun,” William said.

“Having recorded it, I felt it was something that young people could relate too. Most of the songs that are circulated through the radio or the media are love songs and I think this song is about overcoming barriers and discrimination that might come in different forms.”

What motivated him to write the song was his childhood life growing up in Lautoka.

“I sang this song with a close friend, John Lord.

“I’ve invited other young people to sing my songs so in a way it’s about sharing the limelight with youth who have something special.

“I know a lot of young people who are talented but don’t have the confidence to show their talent and I’m getting them to come in and sing but first I want them to understand what the song is about.

“The song was released as a single and it took me a week to write.”

William said a friend of his had motivated him to get the song recorded.

He said the song is part of an album he was working on at present.

The awards will be held at the Grand Pacific Hotel on May 11.

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