Qereqeretabua criticises Budget as ‘4-year lolly scramble’

Opposition MP Lenora Qereqeretabua at the parliament complex. Picture: FILE/JOVESA NAISUA

The 2021/2022 National Budget heralded the beginning of the four-yearly lolly scramble with its promises, activities and million-dollar allocations, says National Federation Party member of Parliament Lenora Qereqeretabua.

She told Parliament this was written and loudly declared, like all the activities in Head 50 of the Budget which, she claimed, appeared year after year.

“Lots of activities and millions allocated but not a lot in terms of real and actual improvements to infrastructure, health, education or even the cost of basic food items,” said Ms Qereqeretabua.

“To illustrate, I skimmed through the consequential Bill for the Customs Tariff Act hoping to see some basic food items on the list but, no.

“The only products that will cost less are green tea, fruit juice not manufactured locally or has no added sugar, vegemite, lead acid batteries for buses and taxis, audio visual equipment such as television cameras, digital cameras, video camera recorders, pocket-sized radio cassette players and radio receivers, electrical equipment, non-woven bags, cement, timber/wood, reinforcing bars, veneer plywood, nails, powdered milk, liquid milk, butter, yogurt and cheese.

“Really? I mean really? “But, watch. Just before elections, water tanks, free connect wifi at central points, Walesi TVs, $1000 that many probably didn’t even apply for, will fall like mana from heaven.

“That will not work this time around, Mr Speaker, the threshold for lies dressed up as truths has been reached.”

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