Pryde urges adherence to Force Standing Orders in investigations

Director of Public Prosecutions Christopher Pryde with participants of the four-day symposium. Picture: SUPPLIED

Members of the senior management of the Fiji Police Force who work under the Criminal Investigations Unit (CID) were reminded that they would not be blamed for anything if procedures were followed correctly.

Director of Public Prosecutions Christopher Pryde made that remark in his opening address of the four-day symposium, and emphasised on the importance of following standard procedures.

Mr Pryde noted examples of investigations conducted by police that would have resulted in successful prosecutions and convictions had the investigators responsible conducted the investigations according to the Force Standing Order.

“Back to basics is important as it will strengthen the investigation and provide officers with a sound case which can be taken to court, not only that as it protects officers from allegations of inappropriate or illegal behaviour,” Mr Pryde said.

He stressed the importance of adhering to the Force Standing Orders and other force governing documents saying it would not only strengthen participants’ investigations but would enhance the public’s confidence in the institution.

There are more than 40 officers attending the event, including their Australian and New Zealand counterpart.

There are guest speakers from a few government institutions who have been invited to participate.

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