Proud garage owner – Zibran, a school dropout becomes successful

Abdul Zibran of Lot 9, Maqbool Rd Nadera works on a car at his home. Picture: RAKESH KUMAR

When health issues robbed him of completing high school, Abdul Zibran turned to using his knowledge about fixing vehicles to earn a living.

The Maqbool Rd, in Nadera, Nasinu resident, said he now had a completely new outlook on life and a definition to the word “success.”

“Being educated does not mean success, there are various ways for one to succeed in life,” the 31-year-old said.

Mr Zibran operates a garage from home and does panel beating and motor vehicle painting.

The former Rishikul College student said he did not let the fact that he was unable to complete high school stop him from becoming a successful panel beater.

Mr Zibran said when he turned 19, he joined Samabula Carmart – one of the best decisions he made because he learnt how to do panel beating and vehicle painting.

“I also worked in a few other garages in Samabula to gain experience.

“After gaining experience for a few years, I decided to explore opportunities in the automotive industry.

“It was always my dream to own my own business, but I knew that to do that, I would have to gain a lot of experience first.”

Mr Zibran said like in any field, starting off a new venture was always difficult.

“It was quite a struggle in the beginning because I was new in the business and had to buy all the tools and equipment as well.

“My family support was good and with the help of my loved ones, I managed to kick start my workshop.

“As time went by and I did jobs for people and vehicle owners began to know of me.

“I managed to attract a lot of customers by making sure my work was always of the best quality.

“Because of that, I am able to earn enough to live a good life and support my family.”

The father-of-three plans to expand his workshop.

“With the encouragement and support of my family I would like to further develop my business.

“If all goes well, my dream of having a bigger garage somewhere near home will come true.

“I had a lot of plans, but the COVID-19 pandemic has stopped me from going ahead.”

Mr Zibran said business has dropped significantly since the COVID- 19 outbreak three months ago.

“I don’t get that many customers now as I used to get before.

“Business has dropped badly due to this pandemic.

“It’s not only me, I believe the entire country is facing the same issue.

“Everyone is hoping the pandemic will end soon so we can go back to normal.”

Mr Zibran said based on his experience, there was no success in life for anyone who was not willing to work at it.

“That’s my advice to other young people – work hard and achieve your dream.

“If you’ll sit down and expect success to come your way, then life will just pass you by.

“Life is not easy and you have to endure hardship to make your dreams come true.

“Life is full of struggles, but we always have ways to come out of those struggles.”

Mr Zibran said young men and women who had technical skills should explore starting their own businesses.

“If I can do it, then I know, you can do it as well.

“Never be discouraged and think that whatever you are planning is too difficult.

“There will be a lot of people around you who will try to discourage you, but never be disheartened.

“Always think positive because that will lead you to success.

“With a little bit of help from your loved ones, I am sure you will be able to climb up the ladder of success.”

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