Prayer gets Ilisapeci through

lisapeci Vodonaivalu (right) with her family. She said her prayers have got her through difficult situations and brought her home after every flight. Picture: SUPPLIED

IN her 16 years with Fiji Airways, Ilisapeci Vodonaivalu believes a pre-flight ritual of prayer with her family was a key factor in always bringing her safely home.

She believes God has always answered her family’s prayers because she has made it through many challenging flights and situations.

Ms Vodonaivalu said an incident in 2019 where extreme turbulence resulted in the Fiji Airways aircraft aborting a landing, was one she has chalked down as the most memorable.

She said it tested her faith, courage and, most of all, her experience.

“Two questions I am always asked on flights – how long have I been flying and how do I do it,” Ms Vodonaivalu said.

“How do I go through things like this and I tell them the years of flying build up confidence and when you are up there in the open skies, it’s just you and God.”

The Fiji Times has been highlighting the challenges faced by former Fiji Airways crew and some of their most memorable moments while in the service of the national carrier.

You can hear all about Ms Vodonaivalu’s story on The Fiji Times Facebook page and YouTube channel.

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