People: Seini eyes own kindy

Kindergarten teacher Seini Maramanibola. Picture: SUPPLIED

Early childhood teacher Seini Maramanibola hopes to run her own kindergarten one day.

The mother of six is pursuing a Diploma in Early Childhood and believes this will be a stepping stone to greater things to come.

Ms Maramanibola, who was raised by her grandmother at the four-storey flats in Raiwai in the early 1980s, did not have an easy upbringing and survived on whatever her grandmother managed to put on the table.

She said at times they would eat cassava with tea and knows too well how her grandmother struggled to put food on the table.

“My grandmother bubu Senituli goes to work and we are also supported by the Social Welfare at that time. Even though we struggled, my grandmother and my uncles loved and supported me when I was growing up,” Ms Maramanibola said.

She said her grandmother always encouraged her to go to school.

“I was one of those children who was supported by families in Australia through the Methodist Church in Fiji. So one couple used to support me with my school fees, uniform and school shoes from Class One up to Form 5.

“I went to Raiwaqa Methodist Primary School then attended high school at Dudley.

“When I reach form six (Year 12), my grandmother managed to pay my school fees.” Now a kindergarten teacher at Holy Family School in Suva, she said, a friend encouraged her to further her education while trying to raise a young family..

“At that time, I used to help my friend because my youngest son was attending kindergarten. I just took myself and enrolled at the Pacific TAFE doing Early Childhood Certificate 3 in 2006.” She said she had to be committed as she was required to fulfil her obligations at home and also remained focussed on her studies.

“I did not see my six children as a barrier to having time to do my studies. There wasn’t anything that could have stopped me from getting a qualification.”

Ms Maramanibola did five units within one year and she graduated in 2007. She went to Naboutini in Serua and taught there for three months before she taught at Makoi Kindergarten.

“And now, this year will be my first year as a fulltime kindergarten teacher at Holy Family School in Suva.

“I am blessed that my grand aunt and family always encouraged and motivated me to achieve my dream.”

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