Paparazzi is part of life, says Arora

Mumbai – Bollywood is a great place to be in, accepts actor Malaika Arora, adding, “I think there’s a wish to experiment and try out something new. That’s probably how I got inspired.” Although, she does agree there may have been a sense of insecurity in the industry too.

Malaika was very young barely a graduate when she first entered the showbiz world. She still recalls not knowing how to go about things and how she just went on with the flow. Now she is upbeat about her work in Bollywood and calls it a “work revolution.” In the world of glamour and glitz, paparazzi is bound to storm celebrities a fact, she accepts, adding, “You’ll find it everywhere. It has been instrumental in changing so many lives.”

She advises, “If you are in show business, you have got to take it in your stride. If you are not comfortable with it (paparazzi), make it known or don’t be in this business.”

Malaika is upbeat about the fact that the issue of work parity in Bollywood wherein celebs given work based on their marital status, has toned down compared to what it was a few years ago.

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