Nursing job not for the faint-hearted’

Local artist Lawrence Bale (right) with fellow nursing interns during their induction at Studio 6 in Suva, on Tues 06 June 2023. Picture: ELIKI NUKUTABU

Health permanent secretary Dr James Fong told 233 newly-inducted intern nurses yesterday that their jobs were not for the faint-hearted.

While officiating at an induction program in Suva, Dr Fong said entering the workforce of medicine was not a passive field.

“It is a field that requires the effort of each and everyone to make it work,” Dr Fong said. “You don’t come and become a passenger, you come in and carry on load every single day.

“According to the World Health Organization (WHO), a competent dynamic workforce is the heart of each health system.

“And it is essential to advance global health growth.

“Fiji is no different and that is why you are all here today as new recruits to the Ministry of Health and Medical Services.”

Dr Fong said the nurses had 18 months to prove themselves.

“That you will be able to put all you have learnt into practice, both clinical and in the public health sectors.

“You are here as to what we expect you to become — competent dynamic workforce.

“Every day you make an achievement is an achievement to a long-term goal that sees you man up as a professional.

“The classroom learning phase has ended and now the real world beckons.

“As nurses, you will be responsible for recognising patient symptoms, and taking measures within your scope of practice to administer medicines and provide other measures for symptom alleviation.”

The four-day induction ends on Friday.

After a one-year internship the 233 nurses will then become fully-registered nurses.

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