No skill needed in agriculture

Agriculture Minister Mahendra Reddy (fi fth from left) and staff members cut a Tarova Damu dalo during the launch of the new taro leaf blight tolerant variety at the Koronivia Research Station in Nausori on Wednesday. Picture: ELIKI NUKUTABU

COVID-19 showed our strategic advantage is in agriculture, says Minister for Agriculture, Waterways and Environment Mahendra Reddy.

He said since agriculture was a neutral sector, many people turned to agriculture after COVID-19.

“It is a sector where we have total control,” he said. “It is a sector which is neutral with regard to skill requirement.

“You go to the tourism sector, you require a certain skill set, you go to the industrial sector, require certain skills, but agriculture is pretty much neutral in terms of skill set requirements.

“It requires passion, hard work, commitment and there are other binding constraints, but in terms of skill set, they are pretty neutral.”

He said after COVID-19 there were many people moving back to agriculture.

“Whether people were working in the garment industry, maritime or mechanical, whether they were chef or front office staff, they were qualified, trained and they had the skill but all of them when they lost their job decided that they’ll move to agriculture.”

He said the other sectors depended on agriculture.

“The surplus created from agriculture is passed on to the other sectors.

“Over time while agriculture continued to grow, other sectors grew at a much higher rate and that’s why their contribution to GDP surpassed agriculture, not that agriculture’s output fringed.”

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