NFA submits PA Lal fire report to Police

THE National Fire Authority has submitted a file of their investigations to police on the fire that destroyed PA Lal Holdings Limited in Walu Bay, Suva, last month.

NFA chief fire officer Qionilau Moceitai said they had found out the cause of the fire, and activities being carried out in the workshop like welding that let to some materials catching fire.

“This is how it all started,” Mr Moceitai said.

The fire destroyed nine buses that were being manufactured; each cost about $200,000, while the tourist coach bus cost around $350,000.

“There were a lot of chemicals in the workshop that led to the fire to travel so quickly and it nearly damaged the whole building but we managed to save a portion of the building and few machines.”

Questions sent to police spokesperson Ana Naisoro remain unanswered.

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