NDMO, security forces monitor weather situation

Semisi Kama and his grandson Esava Kamarusi making their way across the flooded Toga brdige in Nausori yesterday. Picture: JOVESA NAISUA

THE National Disaster Management Office is working with the Fiji Police Force, National Fire Authority and the Republic of the Fiji Military Forces to monitor the weather situation, says NDMO director Anare Leweniqila.

Mr Leweniqila said only one evacuation center was open in Navua.

“One center at Jokhan Memorial School with approximately 41 evacuees of which 27 are adults and 14 children,” Mr Leweniqila said.

“These evacuees are from Calia Settlement and they have taken precautionary measures against the rising water levels from a small river that very near to their settlement. They will leave once it is safe to go back to their homes.”

He has advised the general public to clear their compounds of any debris that could cause blockage of drains and waterways which would result in flooding of their homes or compounds.

“Police are continuously monitoring flooded roads and crossing and we restrict movement on this flooded roads and crossings to ensure safety of travelling public,” he said.

“We request parents to ensure that children do not wonder near flood rivers and streams and also for children to refrain from swimming in flooded rivers or streams.

“The general public is advised to be patient and to wait out the storm with relatives or at the comfort of their own homes and to be continuously prepared if the event this situation worsens.”

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