Nausori court finds driver guilty of occasioning death

Picture: FILE.

A MAN charged with dangerous driving occasioning death has been found guilty by the Nausori Magistrates Court this morning.

Aisake Tagibola drove a motor vehicle in a manner dangerous to the public and caused the death of a child.

The incident occurred on March 14, 2014, at around 3.30pm in Nausori.

Tagibola told the court that he was driving slowly and could not avoid the accident because the deceased suddenly ran across the road.

Magistrate Shageeth Somaratne said all evidence presented showed the accused was driving on high speed in Nausori Town.

He said Tagibola was driving in a dangerous manner without considering the safety of the public on the road and caused the accident resulting in the death of a child.

Tagibola has been remanded and will be sentenced tomorrow.

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