Nabua brawl: Fiji Police attempt a different solution

Sukanaivalu rep Sekove Serukalou (left), Police chief operations Assistant Commissioner of Police Abdul Khan and Mead Road rep Filipe Kuruvoli meet at the Nabua Police Station on Tuesday, April 13, 2021. Picture: JONACANI LALAKOBAU

People must be responsible enough to take care of themselves, says Acting Police Commissioner Rusiate Tudravu.

He made the comment in relation to the increased police presence in Nabua following two violent and bloody brawls this month.

Mr Tudravu said more officers were present at Mead Road Housing and Sukanaivalu Rd “to maintain peace and harmony there”.

“But the question is, how long will we deploy police officers there?” he said.

“People must be responsible enough to take care of themselves.

“That is their area, that is their home away from the village so they have to come on board and they have to talk.

“We can deploy personnel there up until the end of the year but if parents are not talking to them, they will just go their own way.”

Mr Tudravu said police were trying their best to resolve the issue by bringing both parties together.

“We would like people to go back to their normal life.

“That is why we are targeting the leaders of these youths.

“We are talking to them and have warned them on few occasions in regards to the incidents.

“We can arrest all the youths there but the question is, will that solve the problem?

“That is why we are taking another angle in trying to solve this problem and to find a long-lasting solution.”

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