MV Liahona II passengers to reach mainland this evening

The MV Liahona II (pictured) is escorted by the Navy vessel RFNS Kikau. Picture: SUPPLIED/ILIKINI NAITINI

PASSENGERS on board the distressed MV Liahona II have been advised that they are expected to reach mainland Kadavu between 5pm -6pm today.

This was confirmed to the Fiji Times Online team by David Vosawale, a passenger on board the vessel when contacted this afternoon.

Mr Vosawale said the weather situation out at sea at the moment is calm compared to when the vessel departed Suva last night.

The 52-year-old Kadavu man said they were informed that they will reach Kavala bay at 5-6pm.

The Kadavu man said around about 4am-5am when they were out into the open seas and the weather was not so good, they heard a loud sound to which he compared to something that broke.

It was none other than the ramp of the vessel.

Mr Vosawale said even before the ramp broke and fell into the sea the engine had also died for some time and came back on.

He said the passengers some of which are children who are going to Kadavu for school break and women are well taken care of by the crew of the vessel who updates them as well with the situation at hand.

He also confirmed that Navy vessel RFNS Kikau is currently providing escort and guidance to the deck officers of the MV Liahona II.

Meanwhile, the Maritime Safety Authority of Fiji (MSAF) along with Fiji Maritime Surveillance Rescue Coordination Centre (FMSRCC), including Government Shipping Services, are closely monitoring the situation.

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