MP: Frontline workers tired and overworked

Health workers at the vaccination drive-through at the FNU Campus in Nasinu. Picture: FT FILE

Frontline workers are tired, dangerously overworked and do not have enough personal protective equipment, says Opposition MP Dr Ratu Antonio Lalabalavu.

He made the comment during debate on the 2021-2022 Appropriation Bill this week.

Dr Lalabalavu said some commentators felt frontliners should bear some of the blame for the spread of the virus because they were the only ones crossing containment zones.

However, he said it was important to remember frontliners were often not in a position to determine their own testing arrangements and it would appear to be more of the management issue.

“Speaking on the COVID-19, the virus is now raging like a wildfire in the Central Division, which has taken a toll on health care delivery and stretched thin our limited health resources,” he said.

“With an out of control spread, the health system as a whole is trying its best to cope.

“However, infections and COVID-19 deaths continue to increase.

“At this juncture, I wish to highlight some of the concerns of our frontline workers.

“They are dangerously overworked; some are pulling more than 12-hour shifts, with not enough time for rest.

“There is insufficient supply of PPE for protection at their work in the high risk environment to save lives.”

Dr Lalabalavu said there continued to be improper use of PPEs, and poor planning and co-ordination have led to an increase in frontline clusters.

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