MOG logistic challenge

Long lines of people waiting to get registered at the FEO Voter Registration drive at Damodar City Centre in Suva on Monday. Picture: JOVESA NAISUA/FILE

THE Multinational Observer Group says stationing election observers in polling stations around the country will be a logistic challenge.

Observer coordinator and head of secretariat Alice Cawte highlighted this during a press conference in Suva on Friday.

When questioned on the number of observers they are looking at in the upcoming general elections, Ms Cawte said they would inform the media once everything was finalised.

“We are looking forward to a number of observers to be here. We will look at the key events in the elections like the pre-polling and the voting itself,” she said.

“Elections expert will also be included because of the issues can be technical, we already have them in our secretariat and people who have experience in observing elections elsewhere in the region.

“We anticipate that delegations and observers will include people of very broad and professional experiences including parliamentarians, public servants and elections expert.”

Ms Cawte said Fiji has invited a wide range of countries to come in as observers for next month’s general election. There were more than 90 observers who were part of the MOG in the 2014 General Election.

Ms Cawte said last week, the observers have started observing the voter registration processes.

“Between now and polling day, we will be observing a wide range of electoral processes including voter registration, candidate nomination and registration, voting registration including pre-poll, postal and polling day voting, counting processes and the resolution of disputes,” she added.

Australia, India and Indonesia will be co-leading the MOG for the November 14 General Election.

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