Master electricians

THE National Electrical Contractors Association of Fiji will ensure standards are put in place with the membership of electrical contractors.

According to the interim vice-president, Roneel Prasad, NECAF would ensure a nationwide network of electrical businesses to operate under the NECAF Master Electricians Brand.

“The association will ensure to use Master Electricians Brand and rebrand NECAF as electricians who would be able to provide a service that’s in compliance with EFL regulations.

“They will have set a standard for themselves in the country to differentiate themselves with non-members.

“We will also work together with the executive committee and other members to make policies and try to have changes to legislations if required.”

It was also discussed in the meetings which were held at the Blue West Villa in Maui Bay, that NECAF master electricians contractor would be a safeguard against substandard workmanship which otherwise would be provided by non-member, private electricians and cowboy operators.

Those who fail to comply with the standard would face a disciplinary committee that would look at those issues and complaints which arise from consumers.

Mr Prasad said contractors would be screened in terms of the compliance laws of Fiji and would need to have all their tax compliance issues sorted out as well as their FNPF compliances, insurance and policies.

“The screening process won’t be too hard as we are trying to get contractors on board at the moment however the criteria for this would be set out in the next annual general meeting.”

NECAF will focus on the consumers as well in terms of improving the standards of the industry.

“The association is not just about electrical contractors having issues or ironing out issues with EFL, we are taking a consumer approach as we need to engage master electricians.

“Definitely if we screen our members properly, consumers will benefit and they will have an assurance that the members of NECAF will provide better quality service than those who are not, if a member does not NECAF will do all it can to address that issue.”

However NECAF would also provide benefits to electrical contractors apart from being a collective voice.

“There will be brand in place for the services, we will have advertisement, website listings, trimonthly newsletters will be provided to contractors, and we will try to subscribe possible mediums to get electrical industry updates.”

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